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Zook Chiropractic is a family friendly, principled chiropractic office. We have been in Niceville since 1991 and have established an excellent, trusted reputation for quality and integrity.

We have many thousands of happy patients that we have cared for over the years. Be sure to visit the testimonials section of our website. Every person we care for is really treated like we'd 'treat' our own family.
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"OUR MISSION: To turn healing power on in as many people as possible using the best of Chiropractic Science, Art, and Philosophy.

As Zook Chipractic, your treated like family, not just another patient.

Where to find us John Sims Parkway in Niceville

From patient D.H.

" began chiropractic care at this office over 20 years ago. Within 1 year my breathing improved, and within 6 months I was off all of my asthma medications. I have not had breathing issues since then. When I began adjustments, I was unable to hear out of my left ear. I was told it was “dead” and a hearing aid would not help me. About 2 years ago, I was adjusted using a new technique Dr. Tim and Dr. Jill had learned, specific upper cervical. My hearing immediately improved. Now, I will not go more than 30 days without having my alignment checked, to keep my hearing power on!"

From patient T.K.

"I was diagnosed with viral encephalitis for over a year ago. Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, usually caused by a direct viral infection. When I went to my neurologist’s office to pick up my medical records for another appointment, I asked if a subluxation of my atlas could be causing my problems. I had been a patient at Zook Chiropractic several years ago and learned about the body’s ability to heal itself. My neurologist told me that the facial nerves “do not go that route.” However, chiropractic proved him wrong and within five adjustments, I was a different person. With regular adjustments my body is able to keep my encephalitis in check, and I am able to live much more comfortably!"

From patient J.S.

"I have suffered from migraines since I was 6 years old. I went on preventative medication about a year ago because I was getting debilitating migraines 2 – 3 times a week, to the point where I couldn’t even get out of bed. The preventative medication was a blood pressure pill. However, I had normal blood pressure so the medication made me have low blood pressure (obviously a side-effect I didn’t want). I started going to Dr. Tim and Dr. Jill and within about a month, I took myself off of my migraine medication. I’ve had a migraine every couple of weeks. They are getting less frequent and also less severe! It’s been great. I hope to continue on this path, also exercising frequently, eating better (I’ve lost 30 lbs in the last year or so) and getting plenty of sleep. Good life changes and a good result!"

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