Bodies Don’t Heal

By Dr. Tim

Close your eyes and be quiet for a minute and imagine your body dead. How does that feel? Or how does it not feel? Then feel what you normally feel and notice the huge difference. I know this seems a bit weird, but when I did it, it hit me like a ton of bricks. That’s life, that’s spirit, that’s everything! Try it.

According to science, there is absolutely no difference, whatsoever, between a live body and a dead body because physically they both are exactly the same. The new scientific definition of death is when there are no longer electrical impulses generated from the brain. Yet the brain is still there; the nerves that carry the electrical impulses are still there; but the electrical impulses are missing. You can push electricity through a dead body to make it move, but it is damaging to the body. However, electrical impulses generated from the brain are health giving to the body—so maybe “electrical impulse” is not an accurate term because our body’s electricity is far different from the electricity we understand. Our electricity has healing power and is intelligent. That’s why chiropractors call it innate intelligence. You can also call it spirit or life. Spirit is what heals, and spirit is a gift of God. Until we begin to understand that spirit runs the show we have no hope of understanding healing.

Most of health care today is just the manipulation of symptoms and treating the effects, not the cause. It’s so easy and non-threatening to look for answers from outside of us—whether it’s medicine, vitamins, even chiropractic (if used improperly to treat symptoms). The beautiful thing about chiropractic is our philosophy recognizes that only spirit heals. The adjustment of a live body removes interference to the flow of spirit. An adjustment of a dead body produces nothing. It’s spirit that heals, not the adjustment. We have a saying in chiropractic, “the body needs no help, just no interference,” but in reality the saying should be, “the live body needs no help, just no interference.”

We also realize that due to our stressful lives, most of us develop subluxations, which interfere with the flow of life throughout the body. Why do we allow this stress to consume us? Because we don’t trust. We don’t do what’s recommended to us in 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.” Man, if we could only learn to do this.

As long as we have this phenomenal spirit inside our body, we have the ability to heal and be all we can be. Let’s remember where healing really comes from, and give credit where credit’s due.