Just Can’t Take God Out of Chiropractic

By Dr. Tim

During our last staff meeting, one of our team members told us that her neighbor had quit his care here several years ago because we have a sign above the adjusting tables that says, “I move the bones. God does the healing.”

This made us a bit sad, but really got us thinking.

A little history (bear with this paragraph)…Chiropractic has 33 Principles as its foundation.  Principle #1 states, “A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining its existence.”  This Universal Intelligence is God.  Principle #20 states, “A living thing has an inborn intelligence within its body, called Innate Intelligence.”  This Innate Intelligence (Spirit) is a gift from Universal Intelligence (God), and is always constructive to our survival.  It promotes health, happiness, and harmony.  Its job is to run our body (if nothing is interfering with it), and run our life (if we tune in to it).  However, Principles #29-31 state in essence that subluxations interference with Innate Intelligence, causing “dis-ease.”

So, the bottom line is, chiropractic is the only health profession I know of that recognizes God as the source of the power of life and of all healing.  It’s a beautiful concept and very clear.  When chiropractic is practiced with this philosophy, its purpose becomes only to reconnect God and man to a higher level through the adjustment – or to “turn the power back on.”  The reduction of symptoms and diseases are just a magnificent side effect of being better connected to your Innate Intelligence.  When chiropractic is practiced without this philosophy, it just becomes another therapy following the drug model of treating symptoms – which has failed miserably in our country to provide overall better health.

So, if the core chiropractic philosophy offends you in some way, no problem – you’re more than welcome here, but we’re not going to tone down the chiropractic message to make it more politically correct.  But if it does resonate with you, we’re excited for you – it’s a great way to live.  It’s freedom.